Ride Hard – Fly High – Land Soft

F14 PRO, based on successful F12 Pro model, has been developed especially for athletes and kiteboarding professional riders that require uncompromised board performance.

F14 PRO has a significant one-stage rocker and open channels on 3D shaped bottom. This provides for maximum stability, explosive pop
and precise landings.

The board works very well from low speed and goes with a full control up to very fast riding.

The features of the board allow for effective timing and precise dosage of the pop power to achieve proper height for massive tricks. F14 Pro works great both with straps and boots, and does really well even without fins on kickers while wakeboarding. This makes it a perfect choice for riders, who will enjoy riding with kite or on cable.

Top quality materials used for our F14 PRO makes the board strong and durable, maintaining impressively light weight and making it piece
of high-end class professional kite equipment.


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