There are 4 key factors to success:

Pitch controls or anteroposterior stability makes the kite very stable in gusty and turbulent wind. Constant speed allows rider to focus on the execution of tricks and to master the kite without visual contact, which is appreciated by the pro’s as well as by less experienced riders.

New development of control settings is one of the major key success. Progressive increase of tension on the bar along with a sufficient response while setting kite at minimum and maximum, gives the rider absolute control over the kite.

Future kite is stunning not only because of its exceptional performance but mainly because of its stability aspects and full control during ride or flight. Everything is so smooth that even a less experienced rider feels safe in a gusty wind. This makes it suitable for all freestyle, free-ride and old-school lovers, regardless of their experience.

The Future kite is versatile and you dont have to change the settings every time you ride, that makes it easy just to enjoy your time on the water.


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