Ride Hard – Fly High – Land Safe – Be the winner

F16 Fightin´ FALCON, based on successful F14 PRO -model, has been developed especially for progresive kiteboarding and professional riders that require uncompromised board performance. F16 Fightin´ FALCON has a significant one-stage rocker and sexto channels on 3D shaped bottom. This provides for maximum stability, explosive pop and very precise landings. Wider layout of the board was designed for riding with boots and allows for a comfortable ride without splash.

The board works very well from low speed and goes with a full control up to very fast riding. The features of the board allow for effective timing and precise dosage of the pop power to achieve proper height for massive tricks. F16 Fightin´ FALCON was designed for riding in boots and it is best choice for pro riders practicing freestyle or wakestyle. Top quality materials used for our F16 Fightin´ FALCON makes the board strong and durable, maintaining impressively light weight and making it piece of high-end class professional kite equipment.

The F16 Fightin´ FALCON works also surprisingly well for wakeboarding, going on kickers without fins. On cable it can perform huge pop that may surprise even hard-core wakeboarders. Due to slightly softer middle-part which is needed for kiteboarding, the landings are little bit less secure comparing to the standard pro-wakeboards.

“Falcon is giving me the opportunity to grow as fast as possible in my new tricks. It gives me a lot of room for improvement thanks thanks to its amazing freestyle aspects.”

Roderick Pijls > team pro rider



CC Carbon Construction

This technology is used for boards where full-cover carbon layer is the key element of the construction. Fiberglass is then only additional or is not there at all.


Power Inserts

A highly durable inserts. Resistant to tearing when riding with boots.


UP Ultra Pressed

Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure.


ICP Top Sheet

Highly durable, scratch-resistant surface.


TB Torsion Boost

The tips of the kiteboard are thin in the middle and thickened at sides to soften tough impacts in high speed.


FE Flex Epoxy

A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability.

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