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Our main goal has always been to push the level of board technology and developments forward. So we developed a board accessible for everybody, maintaining high quality and great performance. In this entry level line we use the same standard of quality materials as in the high-end models. This make it a top quality kiteboard for an affordable price.
The board has been equipped with 4mm single concave on the bottom with double channels, very light construction, decent rocker, 3D profile of the top and fully wooden core, which make it unique product in its price category. There is no foam used in this board, and yet the board has very low weight.

JIGGY is a perfect board for those who want an easy start without big commitment. Kiteboarding for all!
JIGGY performs well also for freestyle, due to its rocker.
Nevertheless, we do not take the warranty for broken boards when used with boots, as this board does not contain any carbon layers.

“Jiggy is a very supportive board for new comers, it helps me stay up wind and keep my edge even in choppy water so i can enjoy this easy ride.”

Barbora > newcomer



Sword Core

Flexible as a sword. Firmer than other boards of an equal weight. Fully wooden board core.


APX Sidewall

Stronger than ABS. Minimizes and prevents the incidence of delamination.


UP Ultra Pressed

Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure.


ICP Top Sheet

Highly durable, scratch-resistant surface.


FE Flex Epoxy

A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability.

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