Jump High – Land soft – Feel girl power

The Lady Boss is the ultimate board for all female riders who seek performance on demand. Girls need a board that can perform in a variety of conditions.

This board is designed to throw freestyle, old school tricks or to enjoy endless freeride session. It is ideal for advanced and pro riders who love to ride mostly with straps, but is not limited to them. Medium stiffness gives the board amazing pop abilities and great control over the board while providing very smooth and comfortable ride.

Lady Boss has a special flex pattern to suit a woman’s stance that is really comfortable in choppy conditions, yet still delivers impressive pop. The Quatro channels bottom with keel shaped sides adds amazing massive grip. 3D carbon core offers excellent durability and flex characteristics, while being the lightest and most responsive board in the range.

Lady Boss is extremely responsive and technologically advanced kiteboard which gives you great control over the board. Jump on and feel the future!

“Amazingly shaped board for advance girls. I love the Lady Boss it allows me to perform at my own pace.”

Tee Havrlandova > team rider



CC Carbon Constructor

This technology is used for boards where full-cover carbon layer is the key element of the construction. Fiberglass is then only additional or is not there at all.


Power Inserts

A highly durable inserts. Resistant to tearing when riding with boots.


UP Ultra Pressed

Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure.


ICP Top Sheet

Highly durable, scratch-resistant surface.


TB Torsion Boost

The tips of the kiteboard are thin in the middle and thickened at sides to soften tough impacts in high speed.


FE Flex Epoxy

A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability.

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