Ride Fun – Jump High – Land Soft – Enjoy

Our mainstream best-selling-ever free-ride kiteboard is designed for riders of all levels, whether for those riding only occasionally or those who take kiting more seriously.

The Mucho provides for comfortable stable ride, allowing the rider to focus on his progress or just simply enjoy the ride. This kiteboard is nice to control in any speed, has an easy upwinder, good dynamic pop and sweet soft and safe landings.

The design of Mucho allows for more even distribution of the body-weight between both legs, therefore creates less demand on specific muscles. This board rides and goes upwind already in quite flat position, due to the FBT shape of the bottom, therefore already at low speed, and thus taking less load from the back foot. More comfort, less pain.

For a soft, secured and fully controlled landing, the Mucho is equipped with the ‘FBT – Fish Belly Technology TM’.

By diverting water into sides, the FBT is absorbing impacts from tough landings. Mucho is the only kiteboard in its category that uses 3D profiles with double concave, thus providing for an unforgettable riding experience and bringing advanced progression among all levels of kite-riders.

“Mucho is a great all rounder. The carbon gives it great pop and the Fish Belly helps it land soft. The square shape makes it great for lighter conditions. Thats pretty much all i need out of a board.”

Oliver Palmers > team rider



ICC Integrated Carbon Core

Carbon stripe integrated into the wooden core. Improves durability and allows for better flexibility of the board.


Sword Core

Flexible as a sword. Firmer than other boards of an equal weight. Fully wooden board core.


UP Ultra Pressed

Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure.


FB Fish Belly

A specifically designed bump on the bottom of the board called (and looking like a) Fish Belly. Developed to soften landings by diverting the water to the sides. Helps to ride upwind, considerably flat and at quite low speed. Allows for an easy ride over the flat surface similarly just like on a surfboard.


ICP Top Sheet

Highly durable, scratch-resistant surface.


FE Flex Epoxy

A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability

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