School kiteboard

School board is based on our freeride board Jiggy which is suitable for entrty level to freestyle riders.

By combining sophisticated entry level board with bigger sizes we have  developed perfet tool for kitechools loved by newcommers which is also suitable for lighter winds. The board has been equipped with 4mm single concave on the bottom, very light construction, decent rocker, 3D profile of the top and fully wooden core, which make it unique product in its price category.

There is no foam used in this board, and yet the board has very low weight.Future school board is smooth and forgivng board that gives perfect control over first insecure rides. Thanks to single concave bottom with double channels and very light construction has Future school board great curving abilities and helps to fly upwind very easily.

Allow your students to feel confident from the very first rides!



Sword Core

Flexible as a sword. Firmer than other boards of an equal weight. Fully wooden board core.


APX Sidewall

Stronger than ABS. Minimizes and prevents the incidence of delamination.


UP Ultra Pressed

Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure.


FE Flex Epoxy

A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability.

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