Jump easy – Ride diverse – Shred it all

Whether you’re the most experienced rider on your lake, or a weekend warrior in cable park, you’ll appreciate all that the STRICT wakeboard has to offer!

New STRICT was designed by Martin Havlik for optimal fun on the water with no compromises. This cross-over board is quick rail to rail thanks to its hybrid 3 – stage rocker. It also performms great behind a boat thanks to the stiffness of 100% wooden core.

Very rare and unigue full carbon contruction softens vibration for smooth ride while giving you an aggressive pop of the wake or the kicker.
Our hybrid rocker keeps the board fast on the water resulting in smooth landings making it easy for you knees.
The super thin profile and Split tip and tail shape of the Strict gives you more grip on the water so you can carve in to the wake with ease.

Strict is suprisingly stable while riding with or without fins. If you like a fast and poppy board, try the SRTICT board and shred it all!





Power Inserts

A highly durable inserts. Resistant to tearing when riding with boots.


Ultra pressed

Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure.


ICP top sheet

Highly durable, scratch-resistant surface.


Torsion Boost

The tips of the kiteboard are thin in the middle and thickened at sides to soften tough impacts in high speed.


Flex Epoxy

A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability.


Carbon Construction

This technology is used for boards where full-cover carbon layer is the key element of the construction. Fiberglass is then only additional or is not there at all.

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